Miley Cyrus unveils new merch range, including a $20 branded condom

A digital download comes included

Fresh from the release of her latest EP ‘She Is Coming’ last Friday (May 31), Miley Cyrus has unveiled a new range of merchandise.

For $20, fans can get their hands on a single condom, emblazoned with the album’s title and the telephone number 1-833-SHE-IS-MC. If that doesn’t sound like quite enough bang for your buck, an album download is also included in the package.

The number refers to a ‘hotline’ that the singer announced earlier this week, where she’s inviting fans to leave her a message and listen to her own pre-recorded messages filled with cat sound effects.

Other items include hoodies emblazoned with slogans including ‘I love my pussy, that means I got cattitude’, and ‘Phone sex is safe sex’, as well as other items featuring the telephone number.

Each time the 1-833-SHE-IS-MC number is dialled, fans will be asked to press one if they’re over 18. “If you’re under 18, hang up!” the pop star warns them.

After getting through to the main hotline, one of several pre-recorded messages from Cyrus plays. “911, what’s your shemergency?” she asks on one, before referencing lyrics from her new song ‘Party Up The Street’. In another, she instructs: “If you like ice cream, press yum. If you like pussy, press meow […] And if you believe a man has any place telling a woman what she should do with her body, slap yourself… harder!”

‘She Is Coming’ is the first of three EPs the pop star plans to release this year. In a four-star reviewNME wrote: “Naturally, ‘She Is Coming’ has a few messy moments along the way, too […] But like Cyrus, it’s shameless, strange and supremely entertaining.”