New Kendrick Lamar snippet appears to hear him take shots at Big Sean

This isn't the first time he's taken jabs at Sean.

A snippet has surfaced online that appears to hear Kendrick Lamar taking shots at Big Sean.

Rumours of a rift between the two have existed for quite some time. Whether it was Kendrick’s highly lauded verse on ‘Control’, where he shared the stage with Sean but threw friendly jabs at him and half of the industry, or the lyrical content on ‘The Heart Part 4’, fans have long speculated that Kendrick doesn’t have as much love for Sean as some might think.

There was also speculation that Sean sent shots at Kendrick on the track ‘Big Bidness’ featured on his ‘Double or Nothing’ album with Metro Boomin.


On it he rapped: “Boy, I’ll hop right over you/ Who the fuck you think watching over you? (huh?)/ I’m God’s favorite, you couldn’t pray a hundred times a day/ To have me over through.”

So does the release of this new snippet confirm that bad blood did, or does exist between the pair?

In the 11-second snippet discovered by HipHop-n-More, Kendrick spits the phrase “Finally famous,” which was the name of Sean’s early mixtape series and debut album.

Kendrick raps: “I think his false confidence got him inspired/ I can’t make them respect you baby, it’s not my job/ You’re finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme (boi)/ Cute ass raps, get your puberty up.”

Kendrick’s lyrics that allude to well-known exes could be a dig at Sean’s dating history, being that he has been linked to the likes of Ariana Grande, Naya Rivera, and Jhené Aiko. There’s also the recognisable “boi” ad-lib that Sean is known for that could also point to it potentially being aimed at him.


Listen to the clip below:

Where the snippet has come from, or when it was recorded, isn’t exactly clear, but it has been pointed out that it could be from a previous version of either ‘The Heart Part 4’ or ‘ELEMENT’, which appeared on Kendrick’s ‘DAMN.’ album.

It should be noted that both Kendrick and Sean have worked together on multiple occasions. Aside from ‘Control’, the pair appeared together on DJ Khaled’s ‘Holy Key’ in 2016 and Sean’s 2012 track ‘100’, with Royce Da 5’9″.

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