Public Enemy’s Flavour Flav: ‘My daughter didn’t beat me up’

Dazayna Drayton was arrested at the weekend for allegedly hitting her father

Public Enemy‘s Flavor Flav has spoken out in defence of his daughter, who was arrested at the weekend after being suspected of beating up her hip-hop legend father.

Dazayna Drayton was arrested at Flav’s Las Vegas home after allegedly hitting her father following a fight with one of her stepbrothers. She apparently hit Flav after he tried to break up the argument, reported TMZ.

The gossip site has now spoken to Flav, who says the incident was a “misunderstanding”.

He said: “The whole thing was a big misunderstanding that shouldn’t have happened. No one in my family called the cops on my daughter and she did not beat me up.” He added: “I love my daughter and will never let anything happen that could come between us.”

Last year Flavor Flav was arrested for driving offences in Los Angeles. The rapper was taken to a police station after being stopped by an officer while out driving in April 2011. He was taken in as he had four warrants for his arrest due to driving crimes.

The offences, which Flav had failed to settle before being picked up, were a parking violation, driving without proof of insurance and two counts of driving without a license. He was released after being taken to jail and booked.