Reverend & The Makers’ Jon McClure offers private performances for fans spending Christmas Day alone

McClure's already been offering one-on-one shows for struggling fans this year

John McClure of Reverend & The Makers has offered to perform private one-on-one shows for fans who will be spending Christmas Day on their own due to new coronavirus restrictions.

The musician first made the offer via Twitter on Saturday (December 19) following Boris Johnson’s decision to scrap relaxation of coronavirus rules for Christmas and introduce Tier 4.

The government’s new restrictions have forced millions to alter or abandon their Christmas plans, leaving many isolated over the festive season.


“Are any Rev fans genuinely gonna be alone on Xmas day?” McClure asked on Twitter.

“Might zoom ya n play ya a song if so. Genuine people only plz. You’ll be taking me away from my family so don’t take the piss if you’ve got ya family hiding round the corner yeah?”

Speaking to the BBC following the gesture, McClure said he’s already been offering private performances through the pandemic.

“When I’ve seen people are struggling on social media or whatever, I’ll just message them and say, ‘ere are, get your mates on this Zoom or Facetime call’ and I’ll just play them a couple of songs,” he said.


“I’m bit wary of trying to look, like a lot of people at the minute, like the saviour of lockdown, or some sort of Christ figure. So I’m quietly just trying to do a bit in the background, you know, to keep spirits up.”

McClure has been a vocal supporter of frontline workers throughout the pandemic. In April he shared a cover of Bob Dylan‘s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ which he recorded with his cousin, an essential NHS worker.