Sohn accuses Audi of ‘borrowing’ his song ‘Lessons’ without permission

"Can I ‘borrow’ one of your cars?" he asks German car manufacturer

Sohn has accused car manufacturer Audi of copying one of his songs in an advert for one of their new vehicles.

An advert for Audi’s A3 Sportback was revealed earlier this week and shows a shadowy figure walking around the car while propulsive electronic music plays in the background. Posting the clip online and tweeting about it, Sohn implied that the advert “borrows” his song ‘Lessons’ and that it was done so without permission.


‘Lessons’ appears on Sohn’s debut album ‘Tremors’, which was released on 4AD in April. Speaking about the album prior to its release, Sohn said: “I wanted ‘Tremors’ to feel like fresh air. There’s something about the way I was working overnight on the album which found its way into the sound. Every night I worked I finished with a cold sunrise and a walk home… and to me that’s what ‘Tremors’ sounds like.”

See below to watch the video for ‘Lessons’ and compare it to the Audi advert.