Spotify is shutting down ‘Spotify Live’

"Based on our learnings, it no longer makes sense as a standalone app"

Spotify has shut down its live audio app Spotify Live, with the company saying it “no longer makes sense as a standalone app”.

Spotify Live, which was previously called Spotify Greenroom and purchased (under the name Locker Room) by Spotify in 2021, allowed fans to stream and interact with live audio and podcasts.

Speaking to Music Ally this week, Spotify confirmed that they were shuttering the app, saying: “After a period of experimentation and learnings around how Spotify users interact with live audio, we’ve made the decision to sunset the Spotify Live app.


“We believe there is a future for live fan-creator interactions in the Spotify ecosystem; however, based on our learnings, it no longer makes sense as a standalone app,” they continued.

“We have seen promising results in the artist-focused use case of ‘listening parties’, which we will continue to explore moving forward to facilitate live interactions between artists and fans.”

Spotify (Picture: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Spotify)

Elsewhere at Spotify, it was recently revealed that company executives have only spent 10 per cent of their $100million (£81.75million) budget on a new fund to promote music and audio content by members of “historically marginalised groups”.

The Creator Equity Fund was launched last year in the wake of controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s Spotify-exclusive podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, due to uses of the N-word and COVID vaccine misinformation.

A host of popular Bollywood songs have also been removed from Spotify after a licensing dispute with a top label.

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