Stevie Nicks says Dave Grohl is “one of the best drummers in the world”

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman has praised the Foo Fighters star after he collaborated with her on 'Show Them The Way'

Stevie Nicks has called Dave Grohl “one of the best drummers in the world” after he collaborated with her on a new song.

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman released single ‘Show Them The Way’ wearier this month (October 9), which features the Foo Fighters star on drums.

Speaking to Dazed, Nicks discussed getting Grohl to play on the track, saying she “couldn’t be happier” to have “a good friend” and “one of the best drummers in the world” help out on it. Producer Greg Kurstin was the one to initially invite the musician to feature on the song, according to Nicks.


“When I talked to Dave the other day, he told me it was the first time he has [recorded drums] in his actual house,” she said. “He said, ‘I’ve never done this before, but I thought, you know what? I can do it.’ And so he mic’d all the drums, used ProTools, and recorded the drums himself.”

She continued: “Probably much to the chagrin of his entire family, especially his three daughters!”

Meanwhile, Nicks said earlier this month that she and her Fleetwood Mac bandmates “haven’t had any communication” with former member Lindsey Buckingham since they last exchanged letters following his 2019 heart attack.

Speaking to NME, she said: “If it’s ever meant to happen, it will. If we’re meant to communicate ever again, we will. It’s not happening right now.” She added that Buckingham had sent the band “a kind of group letter to us all”.


Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 track ‘Dreams’ has recently gone viral thanks to a video on the platform created by Nathan Apodaca. Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham have both created their own takes on the TikTok clip since.