The Weeknd releases remix of ‘In Your Eyes’ featuring Doja Cat

The 'Say So' rapper has jumped on the 'After Hours' track

The Weeknd and Doja Cat have released a collaborative remix of the former’s song, ‘In Your Eyes’.

Doja Cat both sings and raps on the remix, which was released May 21, shortly after the duo teased the collaboration on social media. Stream it below:


Doja Cat first got hype going by creating a tongue-in-cheek Twitter poll on May 19, listing The Weeknd as a list of potential collaborators among fake options like “Stuart Little” and “Pissy tits”.

A few hours later, the rapper fanned the flames by tweeting “in your eyes”, and changed her Twitter handle to the same.


The Weeknd joined in the teasing, retweeting Doja Cat’s post and adding a pair of hearts and a saxophone emoji.


‘In Your Eyes’ was the third single lifted from The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, ‘After Hours’, following ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Lights’. The Canadian singer was due to tour North America, the UK and Europe in support of the album, but due to the pandemic has officially rescheduled the tour to 2021.

Doja Cat’s remix of ‘In Your Eyes’ will follow other previously released reworks that appeared on the deluxe edition of ‘After Hours’, including Lil Uzi Vert‘s remix of ‘Heartless’, Chromatics‘ remix of ‘Blinding Lights’ and Oneohtrix Point Never‘s take on ‘Save Your Tears’. Major Lazer also recently put their own spin on ‘Blinding Lights’.

Other recent collaborations Doja Cat has participated in include the highly anticipated ‘Say So’ remix featuring fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. Last week, Ariana Grande confirmed that she too had collaborated with Doja Cat.

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