Watch the new ‘Twin Peaks’ intro

The revival season has a new title sequence

The Twin Peaks revival series premiered last night (May 21) with a new-look title sequence.

The intro features the classic title music by composer Angelo Badalamenti, opening with a shot of Laura Palmer before showing cinematic footage of waterfalls and the red curtains/black and white tiles of the Black Lodge. Watch below.


Meanwhile, the original soundtracks for Twin Peaks and its spin-off film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me have been reissued on vinyl. Rhino Records has re-released the two soundtracks to mark the show’s return.

The original TV series was scored by composer Angelo Badalamenti, with added production and lyrics from Lynch as well as vocal contributions from Julee Cruise. The ‘Twin Peaks Theme’ won the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1991. The soundtrack to Fire Walk With Me, meanwhile, saw Badalamenti and Lynch work together again on the score.

Both soundtracks are reissued on 180-gram vinyl. See the tracklisting for both soundtracks below.

 ‘Soundtrack from Twin Peaks’:

  1. ‘Twin Peaks Theme’
  2. ‘Laura Palmer’s Theme’
  3. ‘Audrey’s Dance’
  4. ‘The Nightingale’ – vocals by Julee Cruise
  5. ‘Freshly Squeezed’
  6. ‘The Bookhouse Boys’
  7. ‘Into the Night’ – vocals by Julee Cruise
  8. ‘Nightlife in Twin Peaks’
  9. ‘Dance of the Dream Man’
  10. ‘Love Theme from Twin Peaks’
  11. ‘Falling’ – vocals by Julee Cruise

 ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’

  1. ‘Theme From Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me’
  2. ‘The Pine Float’
  3. ‘Sycamore Trees’ – vocals by Jimmy Scott
  4. ‘Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)’
  5. ‘A Real Indication’ – by Thought Gang, vocals by Badalamenti
  6. ‘Questions In A World of Blue’ – vocals by Julee Cruise
  7. ‘The Pink Room’
  8. ‘The Black Dog Runs At Night’ – by Thought Gang, vocals by Badalamenti
  9. ‘Best Friends’
  10. ‘Moving Through Time’
  11. ‘Montage from Twin Peaks – Girl Talk/Birds in Hell/Laura Palmer’s Theme/Falling’
  12. ‘The Voice of Love’

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