‘Taskmaster’ fans complain of technical problems throughout latest episode

"Why does 'Taskmaster' look like it’s got a misty overlay?"

Taskmaster has come under fire from its audience after the show experienced technical difficulties during its most recent episode.

The show’s problems came after a number of audio issues were reported during recent episodes of fellow Channel 4 shows Great British Bake Off and First Dates.

The sound problems had been resolved by the time that Taskmaster aired yesterday evening (September 30). However, the show suffered from several visual difficulties, including overbearing brightness and a lowered contrast which rendered some colours indistinguishable.


Fans took to social media to call out the show’s issues.

“What’s up with #taskmaster this week?” tweeted one viewer. “No swearing last week and this week they look like they’re in a smoky room. It’s still brilliant and no my TV’s not knackered.”

“Hey @Channel4 can you stop messing up @taskmaster last week bleeped this week not colour graded properly so all the blacks are grey ffs!” wrote another.

Another simply tweeted: “Why does taskmaster look like it’s got a misty overlay?”

In addition to the visual problems, there was an absence of subtitles on the most recent episode. The error was noticed by the show’s creator and co-host Alex Horne, who took to Twitter to apologise.


“Thanks for saying nice things about Taskmaster. But also, apologies for a lack of subtitles,” he wrote. “No idea what happened but we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen next week. And we’ll sort this episode on All4 to get them on there ASAP.”

This is the second time that Horne has recently apologised for the show. Following last week’s episode, which aired on September 23, creator and co-host Greg Davies addressed the accidental broadcast of a censored version of the show.

“Ah, just come off stage & have been told many times that the wrong versioning Taskmaster was played out. Really sorry,” said Horne over Twitter.

“Bleeped should be on All4. The normal version of this ep will be there soon. And normal service resumed next week. Thanks for understanding.”