You Am I



On the surface, these gruff blue-collar rockers from Down Under have two loves: drinking and fighting. Their singer Tim Rogers is famous in his homeland for getting into an airport bust-up a few years ago with the presenter of Australian Idol. Good man. It comes as no surprise then that the unmistakable stench of lager pervades this, the seventh album of their 15-year career. Fist-pumping bar-room rockers (‘Thuggery’), lightweight Queens Of The Stone Age tributes (‘Constance George’), and a song which seems to be about being kicked in the bollocks (‘Friends Like You’) are the order of the day on ‘Convicts’, with only the promising ‘Secrets’ letting up the pace. Down in the land of Jet, You Am I will continue to sell records by the bucketload, totally nonplussed by the collective shrug they’ll be met with everywhere else.

Rick Martin