Today’s Wordle answer and hints for #534 on December 5

There's no need to lose your streak - here's the 'Wordle' answer for today

With Fresh Start Worlds, ‘RuneScape’ is reaching a new generation

Developers at Jagex take us through their shot at introducing 'RuneScape' to waves of new players

UK CMA launches investigation into Google and Apple’s “duopoly” over mobile market

The results of a year-long study into the two companies were released over the summer

‘Marvel Snap’ creator casts doubt over a single-player mode

"We have a lot of cool ideas for new game modes that are multiplayer modes, but I don't know about single-player"

‘Diablo Immortal’ players “insulted” with server bug compensation

Blizzard is encouraging players to reform their clans themselves

‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ developer is creating a new ‘Monster Hunter’ game

The mobile game is being developed by TiMi, the company behind 'Pokémon Unite' and 'Call of Duty Mobile'