Here’s what went down when Slipknot took over Camden to launch their own whiskey

"It’s our world, our culture. It’s not a gimmick. It’s for the people.”

“A lot of what we do is about the challenge,” Slipknot ringleader and percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan tells NME as he surveys the display laid on to launch their Number 9 Whiskey in Camden. The walls of the legendary Stables market place are adorned with towering posters of The Nine, staring back from behind their masks across a hall of merchandise and goodies. It’s like a mini Disneyland for ‘maggots’ (the affectionate name given to fans of The ‘Knot).

Watch our full video of Slipknot in Camden above 

The maggots have been queuing around the block for hours. This is as much of an event to them as the band’s historic and face-melting show across town at The O2. The ‘challenge’ of trying to spread their culture into the whiskey market and bring it over the pond must seem all the more rewarding for the sense of family and togetherness that awaits them here in the capital.


“That’s what this is about,” says Clown. “No cultures should be separated from each other. We like to bring anything and everything that we are to our people.

“It’s our world, our culture. We’re just lucky. It’s not a gimmick – I don’t do crap like that. It’s for the people.”

NME caught up with Slipknot and their fans when they took over Camden to launch their Number 9 Whiskey. Credit: NME

Watch the video above as fans get up close and personal with Clown and New Guy (AKA ‘Tortilla Man’), and their fans – who share their memories of their favourite Slipknot shows and show off a tattoo or two.

Slipknot will take over Milton Keynes National Bowl on August 22 for Knotfest UK, after the inaugural Knotfest At Sea cruise sets sail from Barcelona from August 10-14.