Billie Eilish’s new song ‘My Future’ is a much-needed piece of positive pop

The star's first new music since her Bond theme has arrived

Thanks to a certain pandemic, we’ve all got a lot of time on our hands right now. That includes the pop stars of the world too. Right now, Billie Eilish should be in the middle of a humongous world tour but, instead, she’s at home in LA. While we’ve all been churning out loaf after loaf of banana bread then sourdough, whipping up viral coffees and bailing on that home workout challenge, though, it turns out she’s been working on something a bit more magical.

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‘My Future’, her first piece of new music since her Bond theme song ‘No Time To Die’, is the beautiful fruit of Eilish’s quarantine experience so far. According to the pop star herself, she’s been doing “a craaaazy amount of self-reflection and self-growth” and this song is a delicate celebration of that journey of self-discovery.

Some corners of (outdated) pop culture would have you believe that being single and alone, especially as a woman, is a fate worse than death. Taking the time to find out who you are when you’re not with someone else, though, is just as important as finding someone to share your life with. That’s the crux of Eilish’s lyrics here – she’s “changed her plans” and going solo, and revelling in her own company.

Her email missive described her as being “hopeful” and “excited” while writing this song and that shows. “I’m in love with my future,” she sings contentedly on the chorus. “Can’t wait to meet her.” Gentle piano notes tinkle under her soft, crooned delivery, casting a jazzy spell over everything and leaving the pop star sounding like she’s serenading herself with the most gorgeous love song of the year. The quiet exhilaration in it is infectious.

As with most songs that have been released since coronavirus tipped the world upside down, our current period of isolation adds an extra layer of meaning to ‘My Future’. If the past few months have been a struggle, though, this track gives being all on your lonesome a much more positive spin. In Eilish’s world, this is time to dedicate to yourself, to realise that you’re somebody, even when it’s just you, sat in your flat, trying (and failing) to nail the art of semi-decent bread-making.

It’s not quite clear if this is the first piece of a second album but, if it is, it suggests a brighter set of songs could lie ahead. With an artist as unpredictable and inventive as Eilish, though, it seems like a fool’s errand to try and forecast what she’ll do next – who had money on jazzy ballad dedicated to herself? Regardless of what the future holds, this is a perfect piece of much-needed positive pop to put at the centre of your self-care routine ASAP.

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