Duh? D’oh! Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ meets ‘The Simpsons’ in this almost inevitable meme

Billie Eilish in The Simpsons? Well, kinda – Billie has been sucked into the cult TV show’s world by its loyal and meme-hungry fanbase.

There are several reasons why this song was a sitting duck. Firstly, Billie was basically forged on the internet – her debut song ‘Ocean Eyes’ was a viral hit back in 2016. Secondly, she’s made no secret of her love for cult comedy TV shows (she samples The Office on her debut album). Lastly, and most importantly, her song ‘Bad Guy’ literally says the word “D’oh” in. Alright, it is “duh”, but it’s close enough to get the ball rolling.

Then, of course, the internet had its fun. Cutting scenes from The Simpsons heyday with the “duh” breakdown from the song, it’s just the latest crossover from Simpsons fandom to music – last month, someone mashed up the Steamed Ham scene from 22 Short Films About Springfield with Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’. 

Anyway, before we move on to the next Simpsons prediction/meme/outrage/think-piece about why it needs to end, here’s a handful of the best.

Meanwhile, this compilation mixes ‘Bad Guy’ with Mario Kart, Slipknot and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for more, ahem, Silly Eilish content. Sorry.