It’s a keeper! Jordan Pickford’s ‘songs what bring the good times back to my mind’ playlist

"song is decent having it massively"

It’s not always easy being a national hero. Trust me, I’d know. Another fella who’s probably quite aware of it is England keeper Jordan Pickford – the man whose arm extended beyond the realms of human biology last night (July 3) to save the final penalty in Our Brave Boys’ match against Colombia. Yeah, that’s right – in case you hadn’t heard, we won in penalties. In a World Cup. Anything is possible.

But, despite being heralded by the whole nation (and his own dad) as a fuckin’ hero, things aren’t always rosy for Yung Pickers. Sometimes, like all of us, the good times float away like a skied shot from an overzealous midfielder. That’s when – again, like us – he turns to music. Not just any music, though – the “songs what bring the good times back to my mind”.

Yes, it turns out Jordan Pickford’s Twitter account is a feast of juicy tunes, from Bastille to John Legend, via donk and beyond. Below, we’ve trawled the Bravest Boy’s Twitter account to compile you a playlist that should bring the good times back to your mind, and help you #gettheraveon, whatever the weather.


(Disclaimer: While it might not be on this list, make no mistake. Football’s coming home.)

The Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever

Let’s kick this off with a big’un. Ultimate ten-pints-and-a-kebab indie banger ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ appears to be Jordan Pickford’s go-to karaoke song – and, as everyone knows, there’s no surer good times than an evening in the karaoke booth.


 Lucy Spraggan – Tea and Toast

Keeping the ‘tea and toast’ theme going (big fan, are we mate?), it turns out England’s gloved wonder is a big fan of X Factor dropout Lucy Spraggan. The #lyricsarequality, he claims. In fact, it’s somewhat (read: not at all) likely he had the track on in the run-up to last night’s match – “When the skies are looking bad my dear / And your heart’s lost all its hope / After dawn there will be sunshine,” she sings. A tale of redemption fit for a last minute England winner.

Bastille – Of The Night

You know what, J-dog? We’re having this one massively, too. Bastille’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night’-sampling belter is perfect for chinning ten WKDs with your nearest and dearest. Get on it, boy. Just don’t be hungover, you’ve got training tomorrow.

Passenger – Let Her Go

Remarkably, Passenger’s #chilled, miserable slow-jam has nearly two billion views on YouTube. How many of those are the J-Man himself? Hard to tell, but we’d estimate somewhere around 1.7 billion.

John Legend – Ordinary People

Slinky and sexy, Pickford surely puts this one on when he’s on the seduction train, with his long-term girlfriend Megan. And who could resist the charms of a man with extendable arms? No one, that’s who. Godspeed, shaggers.

Kanye West – All Of The Lights

Never one to restrict himself to one sport, our Jordan’s a big fan of the boxing, too. Back in 2012, – a quick bit of research suggests that Brook walks out to Kanye West’s ‘All Of The Lights’. Quite how Jordan isn’t aware of West, Rihanna and Kid Cudi’s turbobanger, we’re not sure, but he’s right – it’s a good times magnet.

Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill

When behind the wheel of his motor (Fiat 500, I reckon), zooming towards good times, there’s only one artist that’ll do it for Picky – Mr Edward Sheeran. And what’s the ultimate, ‘Top Gear compilation and dad’s leather driving gloves’ Sheeran tune? ‘Castle On The Hill’, duh. Altogether now – “I’M ON MY WAY…”

Teka B – Weekend

“What a tune that was”, he cries, shuffling his way towards the good times once more. It’s easy to imagine a baby Pickford fist-pumping his way to practise, Fruit Winder in his bag and dreams of playing for England in his heart. Go on my son.]

And a side note…

Look, Jordz – we’ve all been there. Anyone who says they’ve never YouTube ripped a song is either wrong, or a grandparent. And I know this was half a decade ago. But please, for the love of god, pay for your music mate. Or there’ll be no more good times for anyone.