Turtle Rock Studios

‘Back 4 Blood’ DLC to introduce Wolverine claw weapon and more

Children of the Worm launches later this month

‘Back 4 Blood’ hiring spree will fuel new “stories, characters, and content”

Turtle Rock Studios is committed to working on 'Back 4 Blood' for some time to come

‘Back 4 Blood’ adds Act 5 in next expansion

A release date has yet to be confirmed

‘Back 4 Blood’ players can now use a full card deck across all difficulties

Full Deck Draw has been rolled out to all difficulties, along with more updates in the recent patch

‘Back 4 Blood’ trailer reveals gory new content in ‘Tunnels of Terror’ expansion

The first expansion for 'Back 4 Blood' will add a dangerous new area along with more characters, enemies and weapons

‘Back 4 Blood’ announces ‘Tunnels Of Terror’ expansion

It will feature new co-op activity Ridden Hives

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