‘Destiny 2’ The Witch Queen will have craftable weapons and a new difficulty

The expansion will release on February 22 2022

Today’s Destiny 2 livestream revealed plenty of details about the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, including officially announcing the release date of February 22 next year, and cross-play in the game starting today (August 24).

The Witch Queen will be adding a new weapon, called the Glaive, which is both the game’s first melee weapon and a part of the upcoming craftable weapons system. The Glaive, whilst looking and playing suspiciously like the Gravity Hammer from Halo, is a new energy weapon not obtainable from chests or the game world itself.

It can unleash melee combos, fire some projectile attacks, and even has an energy shield that players can use as well.


The Witch Queen teaser screenshot
Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Credit: Bungie

The weapon needs to be crafted, and will get more powerful the more you use it and the more missions you do with it. Crafted weapons are a new feature as part of the expansion that will allow players to come up with mod, shader, and stat combinations unique to them.

This new crafting system will have a steady stream of original and legacy weapons that can be made and used once The Witch Queen launches.

The campaign aspect of The Witch Queen will also include some new features, namely a ‘Legendary’ difficulty. Respawning will be much more restricted and enemies will be tougher. The difficulty itself will even scale depending on how many players are in each mission.

Fan-favourite weapon Gjallarhorn will also be returning to Destiny 2 this December alongside the Bungie 30th anniversary celebration, if players purchase the 30th anniversary pack. The pack will also include an exotic weapon, a new three player dungeon, four emotes, an exotic ship and sparrow, a unique helmet ornament and more.


There will also be a free six player activity as part of the anniversary, alongside plenty of rewards based on Bungie history.

In other news, you can watch the Gamescom Xbox showcase here, which it starts at 6pm BST on August 24.