DeadSquad confirm Vicky Mono as new frontman, share new single ‘Enigmatic Pandemonium’

Vicky Mono left Burgerkill in August last year

Indonesian death metal quintet DeadSquad have released a brutal new single, ‘Enigmatic Pandemonium’ with Vicky Mono on vocal duties.

The track – released on Wednesday (July 6) – was announced via social media along with the news that the former Burgerkill frontman has officially joined DeadSquad. The track marks Mono’s first song with the band.

“We hope for a successful journey with you,” DeadSquad wrote on Instagram. Listen to ‘Enigmatic Pandemonium’ below.


The intense track touches upon similar apocalyptic themes. “End of the line / There’s no escape / Deadly rain from the sky, erupting volcanoes, I smell the earth wrath / Anxious in silence, enigmatic pandemonium,” Mono growls, over ferocious blast beats and rapid-fire guitar lines.

Last August, Vicky Mono announced his departure from Burgerkill, which he had fronted since 2007. Mono now replaces Augustinus Widi in DeadSquad. Widi joined the band last August to take over longtime frontman Daniel Mardhany, who also left in August.

No official statement has been made about Widi’s exit from the band, although he has removed links to DeadSquad from his Instagram profile.

Earlier this year, the metal veterans dropped their new album, ‘Catharsis’, which marked their fourth full-length effort. The LP featured the single ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’.

Last July, the band also dropped the single ‘Paranoid Skizoid’, which was originally the first taste of a new album titled ‘Omeg4litikum’. The album was supposedly their fourth record, and had been reportedly been under the works since 2020. However, following Mardhany’s departure, details about that album have yet to further materialise.


Earlier in January, the five-piece collaborated with Indonesian singer-songwriter Isyana Sarasvati for a symphonic metal remake of her track, ‘Il Sogno’.