Watch Stephanie Poetri’s fantastical video for new single, ‘How We Used To’

Another nighttime track from her debut EP, ‘AM:PM’

Stephanie Poetri has released a video for her new single ‘How We Used To’.

The fantastical video trains on the Indonesian singer-songwriter, sitting on a throne and sporting glittery, seemingly Euphoria-inspired makeup, as she pours her heart out to the camera.

To tell the truth, I thought you knew / I’d risk it all for me and you / So can we slow down, like how we used to?” she sings. Watch it below:



‘How We Used To’ was the first song Poetri wrote after moving to the United States to further her music career. “I was feeling so many emotions, all positive but when I had the time to slow down, sit down and songwrite I was able to process my hesitations and doubts at the time – emotions outside of this crazy excitement and adrenaline,” she explained in a statement.

“It was a lot to take in, and I was moving halfway across the world away from home and so many loved ones to pursue my passion, dreams and career. I wouldn’t change anything for the world and am so lucky in so many ways to have had the opportunities I have, but I look back on this song fondly as it helped me understand my full range of emotions with a big step in my life.”

In a teaser last week, Poetri called the song “one of my favourites” and “another PM track” – alluding to the two-sided nature of her upcoming debut EP, ‘AM:PM’.

According to a press release, the project will explore both upbeat emotions more characteristic of the morning (hope, energy and love) and more tender feelings associated with the night (melancholy and sentimentality). The EP’s release date is not confirmed, though it is due out this year.


‘How We Used To’ is the second taste of the 88rising signee’s new EP following ‘Selfish’, which got a music video in December. That same month, Poetri performed on Double Happiness Winter Wonder Festival alongside Chung Ha, Yuna, ATEEZ and many more Asian artists.

In December, Poetri also performed ‘Selfish’ and her breakout single ‘I Love You 3000’ for NME Home Sessions, making her the last artist to appear on the series in 2020. Watch her set below: