Industry groups launch campaign to increase local music played in businesses

"One simple move will have a monumental impact on the lives of our homegrown, globally-loved, local artists"

Music industry bodies have thrown their support behind a recent movement to increase the proportion of Aussie-made music played in local businesses and on-air.

Following Jack River’s public request for Channel 7 to air more Australian music during its Olympics coverage, a number of major and independent labels, as well as ARIA, APRA AMCOS and other related organisations, have launched the Our Soundtrack Our Stories campaign.

The campaign calls for business owners to begin playing more local artists in their stores or businesses, and to seek out the proper APRA/PPCA licenses where necessary. This in turn will generate more revenue for Australian artists and songwriters and could lead to new fans.


It cites a recent survey conducted by I Lost My Gig, which recorded more than $64million in lost revenue for the live entertainment sector since July from 2,000 respondents.

“One simple move will have a monumental impact on the lives of our homegrown, globally-loved, local artists whose livelihoods have been rocked by the ongoing pandemic. This campaign is about celebrating Australian music and the people making it,” an Our Soundtrack Our Stories statement read.

“Greater support from corporate Australia means greater reach for our artists, which translates to everything from higher streams, new fans and increased royalty revenue.”

River’s push for a greater frequency of Australian music on-air was highly successful, with Channel 7 journalist Edwina Bartholomew pledging to “beef up the Aussie music in the arvos on @7olympics”. Channel 9, supermarket chains Coles and 7-Eleven, and Bank Australia have also joined the cause.

Fellow Australian artists such as Vera Blue, Lime Cordiale, Cub Sport, Annie Hamilton, Yorke and B Wise all supported River’s initial call-to-arms.

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