Doom Eternal

‘Neon White’ soundtrack was inspired by ‘Doom’ reboot tracks

Composer Machine Girl calls it "the wildest stuff I’ve ever made"

‘Doom’ creators challenge “doomscroll” trademark

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‘Doom Eternal’ gets a huge new update including horde mode

Despite being released over a year ago at this point, ID Software and Bethesda continue to support ‘Doom Eternal’ with free content updates, and the latest (the aptly titled version 6.66) adds a massive amount of new stuff, and is again, completely free for everyone.

‘Doom Eternal’ free horde mode update gives players plenty of new rewards

Platforming, cosmetics, and intense combat encounters are all available

‘Doom Fighters’ lets you smash your way out of hell

Get up close and personal with your demons in this 'Doom 2' mod

‘Doom Eternal’ update 6.66 launches this autumn with new Horde Mode

Not sure where Update 6.65 has disappeared to