Best ‘FIFA 21’ Ultimate Team players: top players with high Pace

Quick wingers are easy enough to find, but what about a pacey centre back or no.8?

Listen… we know why you’re here. FIFA 21 is a tough game to master, and sometimes you just need to leverage the game’s fastest players to shock your opponent into a stupor with an early goal. It’s cheeky, and what some might call sweaty, but it’s part of the game. I’m certainly not going to judge you if you make a pace-heavy team and start tearing up expensive ensembles online.

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In this guide, we’re going to run through all of the fastest players in FIFA 21, from Silver superstars to Gold rare gods, across all important formation positions. If you’re just starting out with your Ultimate Team and you need some speed to take on the gold rare-hoarding masses online, look no further. Learn the secrets of pace and let’s tear up the wings, trooper.

The top players with high Pace in FIFA 21: Ultimate Team at a glance

  • Adama Traoré
  • Kylian Mbappé
  • Alphonso Davies
  • Daniel James
  • Kensuke Nagai
  • Vinícius Jr
  • Falaye Sacko
  • Marcos Junior
  • Lukas Klostermann

Adama Traoré (RW, 96 Pace)

FIFA 21 Adama Traore
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports


The Wolves winger has 97 Acceleration and is by default one of the fastest players in the game. You will struggle to find a defender that you can’t get past with his speedy skills. As a winger with 78 Crossing, Adama Traoré’s also handy for supporting a more sluggish striker if they can make it to the box before he approaches the corner flag. No-nonsense pace on the wing, and well-adapted to a majority of the Premier League squads, Traoré is a great choice for your Ultimate Team if you need some pace. You can usually pick him up for under 10,000 coins.

Kylian Mbappé (ST, 96 Pace)

FIFA 21 Kylian Mbappe
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

If you’ve got a bigger budget, then definitely consider the French wunderkind for your winning eleven. The Paris Saint-Germain striker is as rapid as Traoré upfront and doesn’t drop the ball in any other area, making him a dangerous all-rounder with 91 Finishing and 92 Dribbling. More than anyone else in the game, Kylian Mbappé feels like a defender’s worst nightmare. He doesn’t come cheap, though – expect to pay around a million coins for the privilege.

Alphonso Davies (LB, 96 Pace)

FIFA 21 Alphonso Davies
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

Pace isn’t only important upfront. Having quick defenders with measured stats can make a hell of a difference to your team, especially if you’re coming up against pace-heavy teams online and you don’t have an answer for their rapid wingers.

Alphonso Davies is the perfect choice to liberate your sluggish defence, with his 96 Sprint Speed and 85 Agility. 85 Dribbling isn’t anything to grumble at either, and his Defending and Physical stats hover in the high 70s, so you won’t have to completely sacrifice your defensive capabilities to have speed at the back. Davies is a little pricey at 20,000 coins, but if you’re willing to build a team around him, you can’t go wrong.

Daniel James (RM, 95 Pace)

FIFA 21 Daniel James
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

Having pace in midfield is also important if you plan to attack on the break and feed your strikers easy goals – and Daniel James provides an affordable opportunity here. The Manchester United midfielder has 96 Acceleration and modest Shooting and Dribbling stats to keep the supply flowing in midfield. It’s pointless picking up players who have great Pace but no skills elsewhere, but James is a solid all-rounder that fits well in a cheap-ish Premier League team. For 700 coins too, why not!

Kensuke Nagai (ST, 95 Pace)


FIFA 21 Kensuke Nagai
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

If you can’t quite afford Mbappé but you need a fast striker, Kensuke Nagai is one of the most dangerous attacking players I’ve used online. Even though I have many players that have better ratings, he still scores every other match.

The Japanese striker has 95 Sprint Speed and a high Attacking Position stat, so is always lining himself up to score goals. Yet the ace up his sleeve is his high Physical stat. Nagai has 89 Jumping and 94 Stamina, so he doesn’t run out of steam easily and will always battle for the ball in the air. Definitely worth picking up for your main team, even if it’s just to use him as a super-sub in tight games to break through a lethargic defence. All that for a measly 800 coins. Bargain!

Vinícius Jr (LW, 95 Pace)

FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

Another high-profile pace fiend, Vinícius Jr is worth picking up if you’re not building a budget team but you’re very serious about speed. With 95 Acceleration and 94 Agility, the Brazilian winger will rip up any defence, especially if you’re skill move savvy and can take advantage of his five-star training. It’s worth noting that his Shooting skill is fairly lacklustre, so you want to really be using Vinícius Jr to set up your strikers rather than go for goal. The good news is that he’s fairly cheap, at about 2,000 coins.

Falaye Sacko (RB, 94 Pace)

FIFA 21 Falaye Sacko
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

If you’re looking to rush both flanks with speedy full-backs, then Falaye Sacko is your best bet on the right. The Malian, who plies his trade in Portugal’s top flight, is excellent on the ball and has solid dribbling skills that benefit from 80 Reactions and 75 Composure. He also has high Stamina and Jumping stats, which make him ready to scrap for the ball when you need it most, even if it’s deep into injury time. At under 1,000 coins, there’s no excuse to look him over.

Marcos Junior (CAM, 91 Pace)

FIFA 21 Marcos Junior
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

It’s tricky to get centre midfielders with over 90 Pace, which is why Marcos Junior is such a rare pickup. Especially if you can get a cheap position modifier to swap him into a CM position, the Brazilian J1 League player is a really strong addition to teams with more modest budgets.

As well as his 92 Acceleration, Marcos Junior also has solid Shot Power if he manages to get in on goal, and great Agility and Dribbling stats to hold the ball well while going forward. That four-star weak foot skill and high attacking work rate can’t hurt, either. Marcos is another cheap pick at around 1,000 coins, and his J1 links are good for other pacey players like Nagai.

Lukas Klostermann (CB, 84 Pace)

FIFA 21 Lukas Klostermann
FIFA 21. Credit: Jordan Oloman / EA Sports

If you’re going all out on a pace-proof squad, then you could even extend some love to your centre backs, who are easily the most difficult players to make speedy due to the need for strong defensive statistics. However, Klostermann manages to straddle both almost perfectly.

With 88 Sprint Speed and 82 Stamina, the German CB is nimble and hardworking, but he is no slouch in the defence department, with 85 Sliding Tackle and 84 Defensive Awareness. If he ventures into the opposing box in dead ball situations, his 78 Heading can come in handy, too. Expect to pay between 2,000 to 3,000 coins for him – pricey, but well worth it if you can make him work with your chemistry.


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