Square Enix is asking fans how it can improve ‘Babylon’s Fall’

The publisher seems to be focussing on the visuals

After launching to low reviews from fans and critics alike, publisher Square Enix has sent out a survey to try and understand how Babylon’s Fall can become a “better game experience”.

The survey is available on the official site for the game until March 18 and mostly focuses on the game’s graphics. It starts by saying “We are running this survey to bring everyone an even better game experience and would appreciate it if you could mainly answer regarding the graphics.”

While it does indeed mainly focus on the visuals of the game, the survey also asks which edition of the title fans purchased and how far into Babylon’s Fall they are. Within a question about when people started playing the game, there’s the option to say “I have not purchased the game yet.”


When it comes to the visuals, the survey breaks things down into basic design of the characters, equipment design, non-playable character appearances, and even the design of the enemies. One area that has come under heavy fire from critics is the “brushwork” aesthetic, and this is also an area that Square Enix asks about in the survey. Even the user interface is part of the survey.

Review aggregation site Metacritic collects scores from professional critics and fans alike, and gives the game a rating of 42. Given the fact it’s from publisher Square Enix and often-lauded developer PlatinumGames, that rating’s a lot lower than anyone could have expected.

Babylon’s Fall launched on PC, PS4, and PS5 on March 3, and it really hasn’t gone down well with fans, either. One player reviewed the game on Metacritic, saying “What a dull and boring game. The missions are repetitive and cumbersome. Combat feels clunky and unpolished which is very surprising considering it’s developed by Platinum Games.”

A screenshot from Babylon's Fall
Babylon’s Fall. Credit: PlatinumGames

Another added “The game has few redeemable qualities. It is a bad, Games as a Service cash grab.”


Things aren’t much better on Steam, with one player giving a review after 22 hours of play time, saying “This is a mess, I play everything PlatinumGames makes and this is by far the worst game they have made in a long time. At its core the gameplay is fun but its every other system that holds it back. Why is there live service battle pass garbage? Why do the graphics look like they are smeared with petroleum jelly? I don’t know.”

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