‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Patch 7 adds Barbarian class and improvised weapons

'Baldur's Gate 3' fans can now wield "furniture, instruments, animals, limbs, and NPCs" as weapons

Patch 7 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is out now, and the patch notes reveal a sizeable update to the RPG – including a new Barbarian class and an improvised weapons feature that allows for plenty of creativity.

Yesterday (February 15), Larian Studios shared patch notes for the latest Baldur’s Gate 3 update.

The biggest addition for many players will likely be the new Barbarian class, which comes with two subclasses. The first is called Berserker, which lets players build rage to deal more damage and use improvised weapons as a bonus action. The second subclass is Wildheart, which “wield ferocious combat abilities inspired by the eagle, elk, tiger, bear, or wolf.”


To make sure Barbarians are reflected in the world, some NPCs have been retrospectively been turned into Barbarians and “will act accordingly”.

Weapon improvisation has also been added, which will allow players to pick up and fight with “furniture, instruments, animals, limbs, and NPCs”. The ability to throw things (including any of the above) has been expanded, and Larian Studios suggests players “rile enemies up by throwing a badger at them or yeet a goblin to test their aerodynamics.”

Baldur’s Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3. Credit: Larian Studios

If you’re trying to take a sneakier approach, how an area is lit will now affect your odds. Trying to hide from an NPC will be “more accurately affected by how dark it is,” while there’s less chance of missing an attack in a brighter area.

Outside of combat, patch 7 also overhauls the HUD UI and has a “more intuitive and less cluttered” hotbar, as well as improved views for character sheet and party panel interfaces.

The update adds plenty of other balance changes and quality of life fixes, so beyond the highlights it’s worth taking a look at the full Baldur’s Gate 3 patch notes to see what’s different.


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