BattlEye anti-cheat confirms it is Steam Deck compatible

Games running BattlEye should have no trouble on Steam Deck

BattlEye has confirmed that it will run on the Steam Deck, allowing games that use it to run well on the platform.

BattlEye has confirmed that it will natively support the upcoming Steam Deck operating system Proton. Some anti-cheat systems have yet to announce their compatibility for the system. Those that can’t run will block the games they are used in from running on the Steam Deck. BattlEye thankfully will, allowing games such as Arma 3, Destiny 2, and PUBG to run on the system.

BattlEye announced the news in a tweet that said, “BattlEye has provided native Linux and Mac support for a long time, and we can announce that we will also support the upcoming Steam Deck (Proton). This will be done on an opt-in basis with game developers choosing whether they want to allow it or not.”


Epic Games has also announced that their software, Easy Anti-Cheat, will also have native support on the Steam Deck. This allows Apex Legends, Insurgency Sandstorm, and Dead By Daylight to work on the system from launch.

Valve, creator of the Steam Deck, has recently filed a patent for instant play downloads. The system should identify which parts of a game are going to be needed first. This is done by monitoring which players access blocks of game files during the first few hours of play.

The information will then be used to download the most needed files first. Once those have been installed, a game could be launched and played while the rest of the files download in the background. The system would not require game developers to do anything to their file systems. All the decision making on what to download and when would be based on the information gathered from users.

Elsewhere, Kena: Bridge of Spirits could be getting new combat scenarios in future updates.