‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ bug sees players spawn behind enemy lines

"It's somehow so bad, it doesn't even make me mad, I just laugh"

Players of Call of Duty: Vanguard have been complaining about a spawning issue in multiplayer mode that sees them start the game behind enemy lines.

Posting a clip on the dedicated Vanguard subreddit, lilfurbabies’ video sees them spawn on their opponents side of the map, meaning they can take out a majority of the enemy team before they realise what’s happened.

User BomberLeague shared a similar video that sees their whole team taken out by an enemy player who spawned behind them.


And according to the comments, it’s a pretty regular bug. “The spawns honestly have reached that level of being so bad it’s funny. Like, you’ll sometimes just get a random spawn where you’re directly facing an enemy. It’s somehow SO BAD it doesn’t even make me mad, I just laugh,” wrote Galaxy40k

“It is super common to just spawn in front of enemy sight lines or them randomly spawning near you,” added red–dead.

It seems that the bug is worse, depending on which pace setting players have selected. Publishers Activision are asking players to report bugs, glitches and general issues here.

Multiplayer spawns aren’t the only part of Vanguard to be affected by bugs either. Players have reported that weapon challenges are not registering properly, meaning their progress is stalled and rewards aren’t being unlocked.


Vanguard was released earlier today (November 5) and several reviews have criticised a weak single-player campaign in the game, as well as finding fault with the campaign’s failure to try anything new.

On the other hand, most reviews have highlighted Vanguard‘s strong multiplayer mode, with the series’ Zombies mode receiving particular praise. Players have also taken to Reddit to praise the game as the “most fun (Call of Duty) in a long time”.