‘Escape From Tarkov’ 12.11 patch notes – Tagilla, Scav karma and more

Scavs and USEC and BEARs, oh my

Battlestate Games has released full patch notes for the latest update to Escape From Tarkov, detailing various new features that have been added or changed in the game.

The 12.11 update was applied to Escape From Tarkov on Thursday (June 29) alongside a wipe that removed the progress and gear of every player.

The biggest changes are centered on the Factory map. Alongside changes to the map itself, players must now contend with an all-new Scav boss during raids on the smaller PvP-oriented map.


Tagilla – who happens to be the brother of Interchange boss Killa – is an imposing boss who prefers fighting in close range. The patch notes warn that in close combat he may switch to using a sledgehammer, which will “cause inevitable death” for unlucky players.

Tagilla from Escape From Tarkov
Tagilla, Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

The new Scav boss isn’t the only thing that players should remain wary of. Weapon deterioration and malfunctions have been added, meaning that players will now need to keep their guns properly maintained.

Failing to do so will result in weapon jams and malfunctions during raids, which – although fixable – can prove fatal at the wrong moment. A damaged gun will also influence “base accuracy, offset the center point of impact and general misfire chance.”

There have also been significant changes to the way that Player-Scavs work, including the addition of a reputation system for the Fence trader.

By acting friendly as a Player-Scav, players can now increase their reputation with the Fence. Peaceful behaviour will change the Player-Scav cooldown as well as Scavbox “craft” times.


Reputation will also affect the “amount of exfils for the Player-Scav, car extract fee, Player-Scav kit and the prices when selling items to the Fence.”

It also notes that a higher Fence reputation will allow players to better instruct AI-Scavs with in-game commands, and will even make Scav bosses consider the player an ally. At maximum reputation, the Fence will begin selling uninsured items that other players have lost during a raid.

While the patch notes are slightly vague on the matter, they mention adding new equipment, weapons and quests for players to discover. As reported on Reddit, these weapons include the CMMG Mk46 Mutant and the MP-155 shotgun.

Finally, the requirement for accessing the Flea Market has been increased to level 20.

Battlestate Games has also added ballistics parameters for “objects on all locations”, meaning that not all cover will prove as effective as before. There’s also a new “sorting table” to help rearrange your stash, as well as changes to the Woods map.

In other news, Battlestate Games also shared a surprising infographic on player statistics and a full set of bug-fix patch notes.