‘Escape From Tarkov’ shares first set of 12.11 patch notes and player stats for the last wipe

Looks like Scav vests are back on the menu

Ahead of today’s Escape From Tarkov wipe, Battlestate Games has shared a surprising infographic on player behaviour alongside patch notes detailing various bugs that have been fixed in version 0.12.11.

As Battlestate Games is currently implementing patch 0.12.11, the team behind PC shooter Escape From Tarkov has released a list of patch notes describing which bugs have been squashed.

In a forum post released today (June 30), Battlestate Games shared which issues have been addressed in an update releasing alongside the upcoming wipe. The patch notes list fixes for various UI problems and bugs that occurred when players interacted with items.


Many players will be disappointed that a fix has been issued for ‘The Punisher: Part 4’, which players – until today – were able to complete without wearing the necessary scav vest.

The Escape From Tarkov patch notes also specify that strength, stamina and stealth exp criteria “was not properly counted during the raid”, meaning that players could find leveling up those skills to be faster after the wipe.

In terms of performance, the team has made “various graphics optimizations”, which will hopefully make the game a little easier to run.

This isn’t everything players can expect in patch 0.12.11, as the post notes that “this list does not include changes and new additions introduced in this patch. A full description of the patch will be published later.”

Before releasing the stats, Battlestate Games also shared an interesting infographic on 0.12.10 patch statistics, revealing some surprising facts about how Escape From Tarkov players behaved both before and during the dramatic events of the last week.


The patch statistics show that an overwhelming 63% of players chose to play as USEC mercenaries, with only 37% choosing BEAR. Despite this, BEAR players were able to account for 40% of the kills, though the overwhelming USEC forces still claimed 60% of player kills.

In a surprising twist, the summary reveals that 460,676 players were able to cooperate with their former Scav enemies to escape together – though they were admittedly offered $100,000 to do so.

During the same event, over 1.6million players were able to survive their raids despite the restriction of secure containers earlier in the week.

The Escape From Tarkov wipe should arrive later today (June 30), though Battlestate Games has noted that there is currently a delay to the original four hour estimated time frame.

In other news, Bungie is hiring a ‘Destiny’ historian to help “catalog the universe”.