Facebook outage causes Oculus Quest VR games to disappear

Users report that they are unable to access Oculus Quest games while Facebook is down

An outage affecting Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has seemingly left Oculus Quest users unable to play games through the Facebook-owned VR headset.

While Facebook is down (October 4), it seems like the Oculus Quest VR headset is being affected by the outage, as players report being unable to access any games.

The issue was spotted in a since-deleted tweet that stated, “all of my games on this device have disappeared”. The user also suggested that owners of the VR device “don’t restart your Oculus Quest when Facebook is down”.


Users across Twitter are also reporting that their games are currently unavailable, with several others tweeting that their Oculus Quest headsets have lost all games.

While it’s likely a temporary issue caused directly by the Facebook outage – Oculus is a division of the social media company – the downtime means that many gamers cannot play their VR games until the issue is resolved.

Addressing the downtime, Facebook has said, “we’re aware that people are having trouble accessing our apps and products. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

In June, Facebook started testing targeted adverts in Oculus VR games, though the first game to sign up for these trials quickly dropped out after facing fan backlash.


In other news, Soleil has revealed Wanted: Dead, a gory sci-fi game that several ex-Team Ninja developers are developing. Set in Hong Kong, the game will see players control a cyborg police officer using swords and guns.

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