‘Foxhole’ players launch organised in-game strike to demand change

A logistics strike in the war game means that players on the front line will not be resupplied with ammo and equipment

A “union-esque organisation” of 1,800 logistics players in Foxhole have resorted to conducting an in-game general strike to highlight issues with the logistics system, meaning front-line soldiers will struggle to be resupplied until it is resolved.

The strike has been organised by Logistics Organisation for General Improvement (L.O.G.I.), which has announced that its members – numbering around 1,800 players – will decline to play logistics roles in Foxhole until developer Siege Camp addresses issues it has highlighted with the game’s logistics system.

Foxhole is an MMO-style war game where battles are conducted over lengthy periods of time. The game also puts a lot of importance in ammo and resources, and players fighting on the front-lines of these wars need to be resupplied by logistics teams if they hope to succeed.


The general strike organised by L.O.G.I. means that 1,800 dedicated logistics players will stop doing their part to keep the supply chain running. At time of writing, there are 1,300 players on Foxhole right now, so it’s a significant strike for the game’s community.

The strike was organised because L.O.G.I. was met with “radio silence” from Siege Camp when it outlined ten issues it felt were “detrimental” to the logistics experience. These ten issues are outlined on this open letter from L.O.G.I..

Foxhole. Image credit: Siege Camp
Foxhole. Image credit: Siege Camp

One L.O.G.I. representative using the name Squashyhex told NME that although the effects of the strike will not be fully apparent until a few more days into the current war, “we have seen a significant increase in demands for equipment on the frontlines” and “it has gotten a lot of people talking about problems with the system”.

“We recognise that our organisation obviously isn’t a “union” in the traditional sense, we are very much a player advocacy group in essence and our choosing to play the game at all is obviously a choice. The reason we chose this route in the first place is because we care about the game and want to see it improve,” Squashyhex added.

In a message to the wider Foxhole community, L.O.G.I. explained why its members were striking. The letter says that its members voted “decisively” against anything that would break the game’s terms of service and landed on work stoppage for “all logistics work”.


Siege Camp is yet to respond to L.O.G.I.’s requests for a discussion on how some of the logistics issues it has highlighted could be addressed.

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