Hideo Kojima wanted to make ‘MADS MAX’ with Mads Mikkelsen

What do you expect from the man behind Hot Coldman?

Hideo Kojima has once again taken to his Twitter account to give us a small glimpse into his creative process, as he has detailed how he once pitched a game to Mads Mikkelsen.

“I have a number of ideas that I want to create with Mads as the main character,” said Kojima. “I once explained one of them to Mads. He listened intently, but when I told him the title, he broke his face. He seemed to think I was joking. I was serious, though. The tentative title was MADS MAX.”


Coming from Kojima, a title like MADS MAX certainly checks out, but odds are we won’t be seeing it anytime soon. Not after Norman Reedus seems to have confirmed that a sequel to the first title from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding, is in negotiations.

Mads Mikkelsen starred alongside Norman Reedus in Death Stranding as Clifford Unger. If that doesn’t sell you how Kojima comes up with the strangest names, hopefully, other characters from the game like Die-Hardman, Deadman, and Heartman will.

Death Stranding fight
Death Stranding. Credit: Kojima Productions

Kojima also tweeted recently about his love for time-loop thriller Twelve Minutes and actor Willem Defoe, who starred in the game.“TWELVE MINUTES. It’s Great! I lost track of time and just played it for about four hours! I haven’t been into a game this much since Inside,” exclaimed Kojima. “A time loop adventure game and a good sense of style.”

“Once you get used to the overhead view and the controls, you won’t mind, it’s a game using intelligence. It’s like the Amiga games I used to play, I still haven’t cleared it yet, but it’s fun. I’m afraid of Dafoe’s visit!” he added.


In other news, the next free game coming to the Epic Games Store has been revealed, and it’ll be available for a week from September 9.