Kinguin backs down on selling non-existent ‘Frostpunk 2’ game keys

11 Bit Studios considered it to be 'shitty' of the key seller

Game key reseller Kinguin has backed down in its bid to sell currently non-existent keys for 11 Bit StudiosFrostpunk 2 after the developer called the site a “shitty scammer”.

As reported last week, 11 Bit Studios called out Kinguin for selling preorder Steam CD keys for Frostpunk 2 despite the fact the game has only just been announced and doesn’t have a release date, age rating, or even an official price. As the studio explained at the time, “they are selling something that doesn’t exist” labeling the site as a “crook” and a “shitty scammer”.

Kinguin responded with an apology for including “unconfirmed information” in the listing without explaining what that actually meant, and without removing the listing.


Since then, it now appears that Kinguin has removed the option to buy the game from its site as well as on G2Play (also part of Kinguin). Customers who now head to the relevant store page will be faced with 404 errors.

Kinguin released a statement on Twitter last night stating that “following feedback from the gaming community last week, we will be reviewing our criteria for posting pre-orders on”

The tweet points out that “operates in a transparent business model” and that “all of the items sold on our website come from distribution channels of game developers or publishers” with “99.5% of our game keys…validated and successfully activated”.

11 Bit Studios hasn’t made an official statement in response to this but PCGamer reports that a representative said that “the studio hadn’t taken any action against the listing prior to its takedown”.


Frostpunk 2 is the sequel to the 2018 survival strategy game and will take place 30 years after the first game.