‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ accessibility features have been unveiled

Here's what options you can customise in 'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy'.

Square Enix has unveiled the accessibility options for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, including subtitles, difficulty options and customisable targeting.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is set for release next week on October 26, and before the game appears online and in stores, developers have unveiled a list of accessibility options.

Revealed in an official blog post, these settings will allow players to tweak the game to improve accessibility – from visual options to gameplay tweaks.


Impressively, Guardians of the Galaxy will feature extensive target locking options, allowing players to change how targets are identified as well as allowing players to change inputs for toggle and hold actions.

Here are some of the target lock options:

  • Disable Target Lock Break – On/Off
  • Target Lock Break Delay – Slider
  • Aiming Lock Break Stick Deadzone – Slider
  • Enable Lock Target Switching – On/Off
  • Elemental Lock Situation – Always to Never
  • Initial Target Lock Range – Slider
  • Automatic Target Lock range – On/Off
  • Auto-Lock on Next Target – On/Off
  • Target Switching Initial Delay – Slider
  • Target Switching Repeat Delay – Slider
  • Target Switching Stick Deadzone – Slider

Both controllers and mouse/keyboard gets customisable key/button bindings and sensitivity sliders, as well as the option to invert controls. There’s also the option to disable the need to double-press keys in order to dash.

In terms of audio, there’s a master volume control, as well as sound effects, voice and music sliders to control audio balance. Mono sound is also available as well as “loud volume” that will adjust audio peaks to flatten out the sound and avoid unexpected loud noises.

Subtitles are available in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy along with several options to tweak their size from small to very large, as well as a slider to adjust subtitle background opacity. You can also invert subtitle colours and change line spacing for ease of reading. There’s also the ability to toggle overhead subtitles on or off.

The game includes four difficulty options – Easy, Intended, Hard and Custom, with additional options allowing you to fine-tune the difficulty settings of your choice.


Additionally, quick-time events can be skipped, while the objective log display timer and “exploration dot” can also be customised.

Square Enix says it’s working on additional features to launch once the game has been released and will reveal details of these at a later date.

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