‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ players fly through Hurricane Ida in real time

Using the game's Real-World Weather feature, players were able to simulate the storm

Microsoft Flight Simulator players were able to use the game’s live weather mechanic to fly through the recent Hurricane Ida.

As spotted by PCGamer, several YouTubers have uploaded videos showing a first-person view of what flying through the fifth-strongest storm ever to hit the United States looks like.

When Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s Real-World Weather is enabled, the game can simulate current weather conditions with the help of the meteorological service Meteoblue which gathers the data as well as Microsoft‘s Azure AI platform.


One video in particular from YouTuber Oliver Knoll shows what Hurricane Ida looked like the moment it reached the Gulf of Mexico. The description of the video says that this is a captured “timelapse” from Saturday, August 28 and shows what the hurricane looked like on this day.

You can view the timelapse video below:

There are numerous other videos that were captured at the time, most notably a third and first-person cockpit view of what the storm looked like from YouTuber ColoradoRMN who used the same live weather modelling to capture Hurricane Ida.

As PCGamer noted, it’s not a perfect simulation but a “rough sketch an Ai is producing in real-time” as the storm is simply too big to capture in-game. Hurricane Ida did massive damage when it hit the United States last week and the aftermath is being dealt with.

Microsoft Flight Simulator recently received its new world update featuring improvements to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Patch is the latest update in the development team’s vision to continuously improve the flying sim game.


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