New official ‘Humankind’ mod adds some ‘Endless’ themed sci-fi

And it's entirely free

Humankind has a new official mod that aims to make the game a little more sci-fi in nature.

The Endless mod is now available on and aims to infuse the existing game with some elements from developer, Amplitude‘s previous series – Endless. The series of games include Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Space and its sequel, and Endless Legends. With a branching storyline, the new Endless mod introduces some of the arc through the eyes of humanity.

The mod offers 32 Endless-themed narrative events, 30 new illustrations, two new civics, two new technologies, and a new curiosity.


In addition, there is also one new district, two new national projects, and one new artificial wonder. Finish a game with the mod enabled and you also get a Horatio avatar.

Besides the Endless mod, Amplitude has also released an Endless-themed map. Called Auriga, the map is home to the Vaulters faction and the setting of Endless Legend. The summary explains that “in the Endless universe, Auriga is doomed to an icy death”. That’s due to “varied factions battling for survival and dominance”. So, the idea here is to see how things could play out differently.

The map has been designed in conjunction with Piotrek “PangolinAdvisor” Figarski, who regularly posts YouTube videos about 4X strategy games.

Amplitude recently announced new downloadable content for Humankind. Cultures of Africa will offer six new cultures, seven new independent people, and 15 new narrative events.

Elsewhere, a US history teacher revealed they used Humankind and Civilization in the classroom to engage students.


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