‘Fall Guys’ players aren’t getting refunds after store glitch

The glitch is auto-purchasing any item a player inspects

A recent bug in Fall Guys which has resulted in players unintentionally buying cosmetics has caused a stir of anger within the community. 

The bug has led to players having their Show Bucks (the game’s premium currency) deducted just from previewing items within the game’s customisation and cosmetics store. This has led to an understandably strong backlash from fans, as Show Bucks are purchased using real money.

Fall Guys
Fall Guys. Credit: Mediatonic


A Reddit post by u/hold_my_cocoa has compiled a lengthy list of users that have been affected by the bug, with the user noting that they have “read several posts about players trying to get a refund from Support and getting refused”.

The post also notes other bugs, such as “Hidden key binding triggering purchase”, “Items being switched after selection”, and “Show Bucks permanently disappearing on all systems after playing on Switch”. It’s also stated that plenty of players “don’t know why they have less currency now”, with potential solutions being laid out to address the issues.

Another Reddit user u/DerpyDog24 posted a video of the bug with a post that reads “This new shop is a joke, was checking out some items and it literally auto purchased this faceplate I will never use. At least have a confirm button or something.” Responses to the post corroborate these claims, with one user stating “I am not checking out any item unless I am ready to buy.”

Fall Guys Season 4 Update
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Credit: Mediatonic

Developer Mediatonic’s website states that all purchases within Fall Guys are “non-refundable”, and there is currently no word on whether this policy will change in the future following widespread reports of players losing currency to unintentional purchases.

In a statement provided to NME, Epic Games shared that “what is happening in the game is not intended and we are actively fixing it. The customer service response was also not acceptable and we will offer a make good for all affected.”


In other news, Europe’s My Nintendo Store is currently down for maintenance with the outage expected to last “a few weeks”. This means that users are unable to browse, make purchases, or pre-order games using the store for the time being.