‘Returnal’ developer cheats found by player using a keyboard

A fix is likely on the way later today

Players have discovered developer cheat codes in Returnal, which enable weapon spawning and respawns without losing equipment.

Reddit user u/JayTheAverageGamer found the Returnal developer cheats, who then posted a walkthrough for the exploit yesterday (May 4).

Using a keyboard, players can access a number of developer exploits in order to make Returnal easier. By pressing and holding Shift, Control and Alt, players can press numbers between 1 and 0 to spawn different weapons.


Players can also respawn at their ship without losing equipment by holding Shift, Control, and then pressing 4. Using a mix of this exploit and the first available shop, players can create their ideal build before attempting a full run.

Returnal. Credit: Housemarque

Returnal’s procedurally-generated nature results in players losing all items and progress upon death. The game’s difficult nature has drawn both praise and criticism from fans, causing Housemarque to respond to calls for save options last week.

The exploit is likely a left-over element of design and testing phases. Developers would have used the cheats to speed up Returnal’s testing and development process.

Housemarque will release an update for the game later today, so it’s likely it will patch the exploit out. Players who wish to continue using the developer cheats can turn auto-update off within the PS5’s settings.

You can view the exploit in action in the video below.


Released at the end of last month (April 30), NME writer Tom Regan praised Returnal, calling it: “a fiendish sci-fi roguelike that’s the first truly essential next-gen experience

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