Romero Games developing a new first-person shooter with “major publisher”

A tweet announcing a new FPS was posted by John Romero

Romero Games is working on an “all-new FPS with an original, new IP,” John Romero has announced on Twitter.

In the Tweet, posted July 19, Romero says: “Exciting news! I’m working on a new FPS, and we’re hiring,” before directing interested parties to the studio’s website and careers page. Alongside it is a graphic from Romero Games which reads, “It’s a new dawn for Romero Games. We’re working with a major publisher to develop John Romero’s next shooter: an all-new FPS with an original, new IP”.

The post then goes on to say the team is expanding, and is on the hunt for “talented people for all positions and at all experience levels,” before specifying that they’re particularly interested in people with Unreal Engine 5 experience.


John and Brenda Romero founded Romero Games in 2015, and have worked on the Sigil series as well as Empire of Sin amongst others. Individually, John Romero has worked as a designer for the likes of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein, and has been listed in Time Magazines Cyber Elite 50 after working on games since 1982.


Brenda Romero is best known for her work on the Wizardry series of role-playing games as well as taking the roles of director, lead designer and writer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Commander before being named as one of the top 10 most influential women in game development by PC Mag in 2018.

Together, they worked on Ravenwood Fair, a Facebook game where the objective was to build a fun fair in the middle of a forest whilst fending off various monsters and completing a multitude of quests. The game saw in excess of 25million players worldwide at its peak in 2011.

On the Romero Games careers page, a host of positions are currently available to apply for including senior multiplayer programmer, character artist, technical animator and level designer roles. With the company offering flexible and remote working positions, those interested in being involved should direct themselves to the careers page for more information.


In other news, the first work-in-progress images for Yakuza 8 have been published which give fans the first glimpse at returning protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga.

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