‘Sniper Elite’ developer Rebellion is working on an unannounced AAA game

Could the publisher be tapping into its '2000 AD' archives for its next game?

British developer and publisher Rebellion – perhaps best known for the Sniper Elite series, along with the likes of Zombie Army and Evil Genius – has a new, top-secret game in the works.

A job listing on Rebellion’s site calls for a senior programmer to work onsite at the company’s Yorkshire-based Rebellion North studio. While no details are provided on what the game might be, the listing seeks applicants with “the ambition, drive, and enthusiasm to develop AAA games” and says the project is for “an unannounced world-class IP”.

Amongst the talents, interested parties must possess four or more years as a programmer, “excellent C/C++ skills at a professional level”, and the ability to prototype and produce final code. Rebellion says that experience with Unreal “would be preferable but not essential”, but given how many games are using Unreal Engine, that’s not much of a hint as to what the project might be.


Rebellion North was formerly TickTock Games and acquired by Oxford-based Rebellion in 2019. The studio had previously worked on the Cricket Captain series and worked with Rebellion on titles such as Rogue Trooper: Redux and Worms World Party. It also partnered with Coffee Stain Studios on Goat Simulator: The Goaty.

As to what that “world-class IP” may be, it might be worth considering that Rebellion is also the owner and publisher of classic sci-fi comic 2000 AD. While some characters from the anthology title have already appeared in video games, such as the aforementioned Rogue Trooper, others are ripe for a new-gen gaming outing. With two live-action movies to his name, the iconic Judge Dredd is undoubtedly the biggest and best known of the publication’s cast, and considering there hasn’t been a Dredd game since 2003’s Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death, he might be the most likely contender. However, until Rebellion makes a more formal announcement, such speculation is just that – speculation.

Elsewhere, modders have already taken a shine to Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, with a host of mods aimed at improving performance and swapping around weapons. At the same time, Battlefield 2042’s first multiplayer season may launch in March 2022, with a new map supposedly called ‘Exposure’.

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