‘Spells & Secrets’ trailer reveals a magical roguelike in a wizarding school

Create your own wizard and get to work saving the magical school of Greifenstein

Developer Alchemist Interactive has announced Spells & Secrets, a fantasy roguelike set in a modern-day wizarding school.

Revealed today (April 5), Spells & Secrets is a roguelike where players must use physics-based magic and different spell combinations to explore a procedurally-generated magical academy.

Spells & Secrets will launch in Steam Early Access in summer 2022, however a full release for PC and Nintendo Switch will arrive in 2023.


The game will have local-co-op and an in-depth character creator, which means that players will be able to create their own wizard to use.

You can watch the first trailer for Spells & Secrets below.

As visible in the trailer, players will be able to learn new spells, shapeshift into an animal, and use magic to interact with the environment. Beyond using spells to attack enemies, magic can also be used to reveal hidden passages, solve puzzles across the academy, and reflect incoming attacks.

As to the game’s setting, the game’s developer – Alchemist Interactive – has shared the following:

“In Spells & Secrets, you play as a first-year student of the magical arts at the Academy of Greifenstein, a modern day wizarding school. A strange incident on your first day has thrown Greifenstein into turmoil. Now, it’s down to you to venture into the procedurally generated castle grounds and save the school!”


The developer of Spells & Secrets – Alchemist Interactive – is best known for Stranded Sails, a farming simulator that tasks players with setting up camp on an island after being shipwrecked.

In other news, Kirby has picked up a Grammy thanks to a cover by The 8-Bit Big Band. At this week’s Grammys, a cover of ‘Meta Knight’s Revenge’ won the Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella.

During their acceptance speech, arrangers Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman thanked Nintendo and Kirby composer Jun Ishikawa.

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