‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ sales spike in its final week of availability

The collection will be removed from sale tomorrow

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection sales have spiked in its final week of availability.

The UK Boxed charts have confirmed that sales for Super Mario 3D All-Stars have increased by 276 per cent week-on-week, as Nintendo prepares to pull the game off sale.

A roundup of the boxed sales chart by GameIndustry.biz confirmed the swell in sales, which puts the All-Stars Collection in second place, behind new release Monster Hunter: Rise.


Of the top ten, nine of the games were Nintendo Switch titles, with only FIFA 21 breaking into the number eight spot after an 197 per cent sales increase due to a promotional event.

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection collection, which is made up of Switch ports of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, was released to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary.

All three games were optimised for the Switch, updated with HD graphics, 16:9 ratio support, and Joy-Con controller support for Super Mario Galaxy.

The collection was always planned to be a limited release, and both digital and physical versions of the game will be taken off sale tomorrow (March 31), less than a year after its release on September 18.

In a five-star review for NME, Jordan Oloman called the collection a “devilishly addictive package” which consists of a “lovingly crafted set of ports that complement rather than intrude upon the original experience”.


Mario is set to return to the Switch on June 25 in Mario Golf Super Rush, a new release for the Mario Golf series. The announcement  came during a Nintendo Direct on February 17.