Lord Buckethead: ‘A mouldy pain au chocolat could negotiate Brexit better than Theresa May’

The viral sensation of the election has given an interview at Glastonbury 2017

Lord Buckethead has given an interview at Glastonbury, stating that a “slightly mouldy pain au chocolat” would be better at Brexit negotiations than Theresa May.

The 2017 General Election’s viral sensation stood as a candidate in May’s home constituency of Maidenhead, receiving 249 votes. He attracted a huge level of online support following the televised election coverage, on which he appeared on-stage alongside Theresa May, dabbing as his vote share was read out.

Yesterday at Glastonbury, Lord Buckethead introduced Sleaford Mods, calling the pair “irreplaceable and unfathomable”. After leaving the stage, he spoke to The Guardian about the election.

On Theresa May’s subtle eye-rolling when Buckethead’s votes were read out, he stated: “She was very polite to me on the evening. She said good evening back to me, she was careful to ask about the other candidates, I was actually quite impressed by her politeness. Then I see that she rolled her eyes and I thought this woman has another side to her. Sadly, we only saw one side to her in the election and that’s why she’s now up a certain creek without a paddle. In plain English, she’s buggered. She’s doomed.

“If she chose to be less polite with whoever advised her to hold the election I would support her 100%, because someone has given her very bad advice and she has torched her career and it’s very, very sad.”

Following calls for Lord Buckethead to lead Brexit negotiations, the costumed political star stated: “Could I negotiate Brexit better than Theresa May and David Davis? Yes. “Could a slightly mouldy pain au chocolat negotiate Brexit better than Theresa May and David Davis? Yes. So yes I could, but whether I should is another matter.”

He continued: “My solution would be: one, negotiate in an adult sensible way to create the best thing for Britain economically, not politically for the right wing of the Tory party, and two, I would urge earthlings to think twice because you’re all so small. One minute Britain wants to leave Europe, the next Scotland wants to leave Britain, the next Edinburgh will probably want to leave Scotland. It’s mad, I’ve seen the asteroid that’s coming to hit you all. If I were you I would stick together.”

Returning to his Glastonbury weekend home, Lord Buckethead had some kind words for festival revellers. “I just hope the rain stays away for your sake,” he stated, “and in particular for mine because on my planet space lords have no need to combat rain. If the storms come I am in deep trouble. Peace and love and if anyone wants to buy a laser off me, send me an email.”

Read the full Lord Buckethead interview with The Guardian here.

Earlier this month, Buckethead gained 249 votes in the election, which he described as a “new Buckethead record”. Before the vote on June 8 he distributed 38,300 flyers that read: “Strong, not entirely stable, leadership. Vote Lord Buckethead for the most powerful protest vote in the galaxy.”

Buckethead – whether the same person beneath the costume or not – also ran against Margaret Thatcher in 1987 and John Major in 1992.

Meanwhile, Channel 4’s Jon Snow has praised the “real energy for better politics” at Glastonbury festival.

Taking to Twitter to report of his first Glastonbury experience, Snow wrote: “First trip to Glastonbury: dusty selfies; great music; loads of longing for a decent politics”.

He later added: “Amazing to be amongst 200,000 at Glastonbury amid a real energy for a better politics”.