Tame Impala deconstruct the song ‘It Might Be Time’: “A bad drum sound for me is the least inspiring thing”

Kevin Parker appeared on the 'Song Exploder' podcast

Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker went on the Song Exploder podcast this week to deconstruct ‘It Might Be Time’ from their latest album ‘The Slow Rush‘.

Parker dissected the songwriting from the ground up in conversation with host Hrishikesh Hirway, playing isolated stems and demo versions. Listen to the full podcast below:


“The hook kinda sounded like someone teasing someone,” Parker said.

“So then I thought it could be cool to make it like your own subconscious teasing you. That’s where [the lyric] ‘it might be time to face it’ came from.”

Parker also described an unrealised music video for the song.

“I had this idea for a clip of someone going around trying to live their life and these almost gremlin-like kids just jumping out from behind corners, when they’re trying to do something cool,” he laughed.

“Because that’s kind of how I saw it – internal gremlins.”

He also spoke more broadly about his recording process.


“I like to have drums sounding good off the bat, because a bad drum sound for me is the least inspiring thing. Like, I can’t work on a song. Even when I record drums for just messing around, it’s still this sound that I’ve dialled in,” Parker said.

Accordingly, Parker said the final drums on ‘It Might Be Time’ are from his first demo, the first thing he recorded for the track.

This Saturday (April 25), Parker will join a group of Australian and New Zealand artists in a live-stream concert in honour of ANZAC Day and workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.