Calvin Harris says EDM “doesn’t have anything in common with the music I love to make”

"EDM has been sad, slow songs for years now"

Calvin Harris has said that EDM of recent years sounds nothing like the music that he enjoys making.

The producer extraordinaire, who has topped Forbes’ list of the highest paid DJs for the sixth year in a row, made the comment in response to a fan on Twitter.

When asked if he would return to his EDM roots, the Scottish hitmaker said: “EDM has been sad, slow songs for years now. Doesn’t have anything in common with the music I love to make. 2010-2014 edm was more house influenced to me. Anyway now I’m out the bubble and making big records with amazing singers that sound like house music to me…”


Elsewhere in the seemingly spontaneous AMA, Harris said that he has no plans to release a full-length house music album anytime soon.

He also told a fan that he isn’t planning to return to the live-band format of his earlier years.

In other news, earlier this year Harris was involved in a car crash which left two individuals injured. TMZ reported that Harris and his girlfriend, Aarika Wolf, hit another car in Beverly Hills on Sunday, May 6.

Harris tweeted after the incident: “I promised myself I’d never do anything worthy of appearing in TMZ ever again but sadly this was out of my control thankfully everyone is ok.”