Dave Keuning says his solo songs ‘fell to the bottom of the pile’ when shown to The Killers

"I had shown them to the Killers, but they always fell to the bottom of the pile."

The Killers‘ guitarist Dave Keuning has hinted at strained relations with the rest of the band, after he stopped touring with the indie giants.

Although still officially a member of the Las Vegas group, Keuning quit touring with them in 2017, before announcing the release of his debut solo album ‘Prismism’ at the end of January.

In a recent interview with The Times, Keuning says his solo album is born out of frustration after his ideas for songs were placed at “the bottom of the pile” by the band.


“I was writing all these ideas for songs,” explained Keuning, whose album ‘Prismism’ is released on January 25.

Dave Keuning

“I had shown them to the Killers, but they always fell to the bottom of the pile. So I felt, well, may as well do something. And it was fun to realize I could have complete control over them, after having very little control in The Killers. I wasn’t planning on singing, though. I had to step up on that one.”

He also appeared unsure about his future plans with the band, although he officially remains a member for now.

“I don’t even think I know. As of now, I am in the band. I am sending demos, offering ideas. It is too early to know if they will stick. I won’t do any touring any time soon,” he explained.


“All I ever wanted was to play guitar in a successful band, but it took its toll in more ways than one. Mentally, physically, doing the same thing over and over again . . . I needed balance back in my life.”

It comes as The Killers prepare to launch something new later today – leading to speculation that a new single is on the horizon.