Hurts share new track ‘Redemption’ and its brooding video

Theo Hutchcraft calls it "a song about fear and doubt"

Hurts have shared another new track from their forthcoming album – listen to ‘Redemption’ below.

The track is the third preview of the pop duo’s new album, ‘Faith’, which lands on September 4.

“REDEMPTION is another harbinger of what’s to come on the new album FAITH,” frontman Hutchcraft says of the new song.


“It’s a song about fear and doubt. It emerged as a beautiful moment of clarity during one of the most troubled periods of making the album.”

Multi-instrumentalist Adam Anderson goes on to call the track “a perfect storm of everything we do well individually, coming together in one moment”.

Back in May, Hutchcraft and Anderson returned with new single ‘Voices’, their first music since 2017, and recently followed it up with second single ‘Suffer’.

Hutchcraft recently spoke to NME about the band’s time away and the exhaustion that he experienced after the end of the band’s last tour. “I was physically and mentally absolutely exhausted. To the point where I was at breaking point.

“I had to stop and not do anything for a while because I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus, or anything. And I didn’t know what the future held really. I didn’t know if we’d make another album again.”


Anderson added: “If you’d have told me when we started it, how coherent, powerful, and authentic it is, many months later, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. At one stage, I thought we had no chance.”