Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Running The World’ could now be the first Number One of 2020

Will Jarvis rise to the top?

Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Running The World’ has moved up the UK Charts from Number 48 to Number 2, prompting the organisers of the campaign to get the track to Christmas No.1 to refocus on topping the charts in January instead.

The Facebook group running the campaign has now been renamed to ‘Fancy Getting ‘Running The World’ to New Years #1?’ and the social media handles are now @jarvis4january. The song – which includes the chorus line “Cunts are still running the world” – has been used by the campaign as a protest against the Conservative party winning this month’s general election.

Darcie Molina, who started the campaign alongside Michael Hall, posted an update earlier today (December 21).


“We have insider info and are beyond thrilled to tell you that the song is now at #2 in the national day-by-day charts!!” she says in the post. “The full UK charts. The proper charts. The one we were #48 in yesterday.

“You kept downloading this song for charity and saying you wanted a #1 this week instead. And we went up 46 places overnight. What do you think about that?!”

As a result of the success, Molina went on to outline a new strategy: “We’re cancelling Christmas. We’re going to get this song to number 1 – the first Number 1 single of 2020. We’re doing this. Join us???” You can download ‘Running The World’ here.

Earlier this week (December 19), Jarvis shared another version of the single featuring a German string quartet. Listen to the new version below.

Explaining the latest take of the track on his Instagram page, the former Pulp singer said: “So here’s the story: about a month ago the @kaiserquartett sent me a recording of their arrangement of ‘Running the World’ & asked if I’d consider singing on it. So I did.


“The song will feature on one of their upcoming record releases but – given the current campaign – we thought you might like to get a sneak preview right now.”

Cocker reiterated the campaign’s message that all proceeds from the single will go to the UK-based homeless charity Shelter.

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