King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard launch new bootleg program

Indie labels, fans and more will be able to create and sell their own versions of the band's music

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have launch a new bootleg program, which will allow fans, indie labels and more to release the band’s music how they wish.

The prolific Aussie psychsters have launched a new ‘Bootlegger’ section of their official website to house the new scheme.

On the website, the band have uploaded master files for nine full-length albums, including live and demo recordings, a new rarities album called ‘Teenage Gizzard’ and their 2017 free download album ‘Polygondwanaland’.


Fans, labels and more are then allowed to download the files from the website and package them into new releases however they see fit, on vinyl, CD, tape and beyond, as long as they send the band copies to sell on their online store.

“Yo indie labels, bootleggers, fans, weirdos. We’ve got a deal for ya…” the page says. “If anyone wants to release these albums, you’re free to do so. Below you’ll find links to audio master files and cover art. Feel free to get creative with it if you like – it’s yours.

“Only deal is you’ve gotta send us some of them to sell on GIZZVERSE.COM –  whatever you feel is a fair trade is cool with us. Ideas: double LPs, 7”, remix, reimagined cover art, bizarre looking wax, live show box sets, tapes. Or keep it simple – that’s totally ok. Anyone keen?!”

“HOLY SHIT thanks everyone who hit us up with a plan to bootleg records already! We’ll write everyone back ASAP,” the band wrote on Twitter the day after the scheme was announced.

“Oh, and don’t forget you gotta send us copies for us to sell on gizzverse too. Whatever you feel is a fair trade for the use of our tunes.”


King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard shared new album ‘K.G.’ last month. Reviewing the album, NME wrote: “No doubt many of these songs will go on to be fan favourites, but while it’s not a step backwards, it certainly is a step sideways for a band who until now have been in perpetual motion.”

The ever-prolific band returned this month with a new single, just weeks after the release of their last album. “This song was written pre-covid, but feels even more potent now,” the band said of ‘If Not Now, Then When?’. “Look out your window; the world is on fire.”

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