Måneskin say they are unable to share tour dates while war in Ukraine continues

"We are not able to define and share the new dates in this moment of tension for Europe"

Måneskin have said that they are unable to share any updates on their postponed EU tour dates with fans while the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues.

Ukraine officially severed diplomatic ties with Russia and declared martial law after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on the neighbouring nation last week (February 24).

Måneskin have said that they are unable to offer fans any updates on their upcoming tour dates during this “moment of tension.” Back in January, the band were forced to postpone their upcoming European tour dates due to venue capacity issues amid the ongoing COVID pandemic.


On social media, the 2021 Italian Eurovision winners wrote: “Despite our desire to give you updates regarding the European and Italian tour by March the 1st, we are not able to define and share the new dates in this moment of tension for Europe and for the whole world. We are closer that ever to all the people plagued by war right now.”

They continued: “Our solidarity goes to all those who are suffering from the conflict in Ukraine and we hope that the ongoing violence will see an end.

“Together with this hope we also have that of being able to update you as soon as possible, in times of peace. We thank you for your great patience and understanding, as always.”

They concluded: “We are closer than ever and have great hope for the future.”


Late on Sunday (February 27), an update from Ukraine’s interior ministry said 352 Ukrainian civilians had been killed in the conflict so far, including 14 children. They said a further 1684 people, including 116 children, had been wounded (via The Guardian).

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks spoke out to say that her “heart was broken” over the situation and compared Putin to Hitler, Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos paid tribute to the “open and welcoming” people of Kyiv, and Foals honoured the Ukrainian crew of their recent ‘2am’ video. Miley Cyrus, Yungblud and Elton John were among many other artists to issue statements of solidarity with Ukraine.

It was also announced last week (February 25), that Russia would not be allowed to participate this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Ukraine, which has a population of 44million people, borders both Russia and the European Union. As the BBC reports, Russia has long resisted Ukraine’s move towards embracing European institutions like NATO and the EU.

Putin is now demanding guarantees from the West and Ukraine that it will not join NATO, a defensive alliance of 30 countries, and that Ukraine demilitarise and become a neutral state.

You can donate here to the Red Cross to help those affected by the conflict, or via a number of other ways through Choose Love.